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Job Description

Date posted: June 13, 2018


ARB Training Instructor  

Position Description

The training department is looking for someone with supervision skills, responsible for Call Center Basics Training (ARB Core) and NPF Product Basics Training for newly hired reps in the telephone channel.  The Trainer position requires an identification of training needs and designs performance improvement interventions, including but not limited to:

        Refresher Training

        Update Training

        New Hire Training


Some related tasks: 


        The Production of reports and completion of new projects and data will be required.

        Production of  training materials with supervision of Training Manger, including but not limited to:

a)     Handouts

b)     Assessments

c)      Surveys

d)     Completion of Grade books

        Delivery of classroom training. 

        Identification of learners who require additional support by monitoring learners’ progress through training, including the training nesting experience.

        Identification improvements to training materials by monitoring QA, agent’s performance with supervision of training manager feedback. 

        Fulfillment of all Training Department Standard Operating Procedures and Guidance Documents.  

        Disposition for Over Time when required.


Key Responsibilities 

a)     Delivers classroom training learning experiences.

b)     Adheres to Training Department SOPs for training delivery, evaluation, and training records.

c)      Participates Training Department meetings and completes developmental assignments. 

Training Department ARB Call Facilities

Training Manager: Mila Delgado


d)     Contributes to the Training Development when required. 

e)     Uses technology to manage employee training records, administer assessments and surveys.

f)       While there is no training, s/he compromises to act as a mentor and floor support in order to make sure the agents are producing loans.

g)     Perfect attendance and participation in every Training class schedule.





 1-2 years –Training development and delivery experience. Extreme Discipline and Ethics.


Minimum Requirements:


High Product Knowledge 

Teaching Experience


Critical Skills:

        Teaching skills

        Classroom Training Delivery

        Classroom Management

        Time Management

        Adult Learning Principles

        Training Program Evaluation

        Presentation and Verbal Communication

        Written Communication

        Open to Feedback

        Strong and professional personality

        Extreme responsibility

        Extreme commitment to the challenge 

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